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Fat Pink Cast goes to New York Comic Con and finds themselves wondering why Sleepy Hollow’s PR team can’t get it together. We also lament the creation of sexy Betsy and wish she were more like the Schuyler sisters instead of a Kate Beaton parody. And last, but not least…we question why every lady within 20 miles is after Ichabod’s Bedfordshire Clanger.

Here’s what you missed last time: 

Join as we discuss Beck–er Betsy Ross and her new found skill set, Abbie and Ichabod’s brand new haircuts, and our fresh hopes and dreams for season 3.

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Sleepy Pink Cast –  Blood and Fear Jack the Ripper is actually… more than just a metaphor for male entitlement.


Before Sleepy episode 2.2—The Kindred airs tonight, here’s our recap of 2.1—This is War!

Find out fascinating information such as when did the term “alarm clock” come into fashion? What’s up with Ben Frankin’s modern day Philly accent and why did he advocate for sleeping with older women? Why is Katrina similar to an iphone? How many times did we utter the word “cute” in relation to (hashtag) Ichabbie?

Come travel up the Hudson River with us (at your own risk).

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Episode 41: Thrones, Hollow, and Wolf

(One out of three of the) Fat Pink Cast interviews the Sleepy Hollow Cast at SDCC plus more Fall TV news!

What up next:

FPC crosses fingers and clicks their heels together in hope that Katrina will spend at least one episode out of captivity (no shade). We’ll also be recapping The Kindred.

As always, you can always catch us on our tumblr or on itunes under FatPinkCast! (or rather, you should be able to find Sleepy recaps under a separate series-specific feed, Sleepy Pink Cast, as soon as itunes stops being a pain in the ass)


NSFW ALERT!  Brown chicken, brown cow.   The Fat Pink Cast (+Nina) sail across the X-rated seas to check out the first professional Game of Thrones XXX parody video, Game of Bones – Winter is Cumming by WoodRocket.   The entire audio from the pornographic film is included in the podcast, so you can watch along on mute or simply use your imagination.     FPC attempts to deconstruct this porno from a feminist lens and tries not to fall asleep in the process.


Episode 28: Sleepy Pink Cast Part 2

Fat Pink Cast talks afrofuturism and recaps the second half of Season 1 of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow.


SEASON FOUR of GAME OF THRONES premieres on April 6th!  Episodes recorded the Monday after and uploaded on Thursday or Friday.  Stay tuned for some resentful hate-watching and +5 Sansa love!




Join us in the tavern for this special episode of Fat Pink Cast (before the new season of Game of Thrones comes baring teeth like a ravenous direwolf).

Topics around our rowdy table include our recap of the second half of Sleepy Hollow‘s inaugural first season—just in time for Paleyfest—as well as Afrofuturism, Octavia Butler, meeting fabulous fantasy author N.K. Jemisin, rehashing our altercation with George R.R. Martin over the lack of diversity in ASOIAF and Game of Thrones, and Maggie Q’s new role as bad ass pirate queen Ching Shih.

The end clip used in this episode is from the clever and illuminating web series, Ask a Slave (Episode 2: Abolitioning).

Sleepy Pink Cast Part I (posted 11/01/2013)


Episode 27:  A Foreshadowing

The fatpinkcast news hour brings you the team’s latest impressions of the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones.


Game of Bones: Winter is Cumming!

Brown chicken, brown cow; FPC deconstructs really boring porn, basically.