What is dead may never die, but sometimes GarageBand eats your podcast about the gratuitous rape scene and you skip an episode.     This episode is negatory on the fat pink mast, but have some boob activated poison and thirsty Daario for your troubles.   Meanwhile, old people talk about how old they are and Cersei gets put away.  Marinate in the fall out as we discuss episode 7, of Season 5 of Game of Thrones, where the night is dark and full of dudebros.


Here’s what you missed last time around:
THRONELANDER –  Kill the Boy GOT 5.05 + The Search OUT 1.14

Kill the cliche, and let the man be born.  We play crabs in a bucket and wonder about book Daario’s man drapes.    Also, Outlander quickly disintegrates from awesome lady tag team travel to a whole lotta boogie woogie.

Next Time:  

Thronelander – Mega Edition!   We recap Unbent Unbowed Unbroken, Hardhome, the Outlander two part finale, and talk about BookCon!


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