Kill the cliche, and let the man be born! Stay tuned as we play crabs in a bucket thanks to some Nymeria-related news, because hey, when you consider making a character black, it’s just as good as actually casting a black actress in the role. Of course this logic works perfectly in the Game of Thrones universe where you don’t have to remove your clothes, but you’re going to choose to anyway because boobs. Speaking of removing clothing, hey Daario, do the curtains match the draps?

Also, Outlander goes full Ringling Brothers Circus at 57 minutes!

Here’s what you missed last time around:
THRONELANDER – Sons of the Harpy (GOT 5.04) and The Watch (OUT 1.13)

Next Time:

THRONELANDER – Unbowed Unbent Unbroken (GOT 5.06) and Wentworth Prison (OUT 1.15)

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