Hello, it’s called Sunspear.   Welcome to the show’s version of Dorne where all anyone likes to do is fight, fornicate, and come up with bad plans while sporting nipples on a breastplate.    Speaking of nipples, Melisandre’s got some and she’s gonna waggle them in Jon Snow’s face.   Meanwhile, D&D continue to keep Loras a gay caricature. Oh, and it turns out Rhaegar was one of those guys…

Following Game of Thrones, we recap Outlander at the 1:00 hour mark!   Watch while Jamie unconvincingly lies that he is own cousin and Claire makes babies happen–for others.

Here’s what you missed last time around:
THRONELANDER – High Sparrow (GOT 5.03) and Lallybroch (OUT 1.12)

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THRONELANDER – Kill the Boy (GOT 5.05) and The Search (OUT 1.14)

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