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FPC is back (a little bit late, just like spring)!

We’ll be doing  a double feature and reviewing both Outlander and Game of Thrones. In this episode, we’re recapping Outlander, The Reckoning (as it premiered a week before GOT). Join as we jerk our knees and parse that scene that didn’t have to exist, you know the one.

But first, as usual, we ease y’all into the episode with some late Sleepy Hollow and Game of Thrones news.


Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow – Tempus Fugit
Join FatPinkCast as we go back in time to remember when Sleepy Hollow was pretty darn good.

What’s next:

THRONELANDER – Game of Thrones – The Wars to Come, Outlander – The Devil’s Mark
It’s a double feature with a double dose of women in terrible situations.

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