On this episode of Sleepy Pink Cast, we ponder the “every show we touch disappoints us” curse and chat about Sleepy Hollow’s future.

What’s the M in a certain person’s middle name stand for? Why are Ichabod’s quirks driving us up a wall instead of amusing us like last season? Are we still sailing the #ichabbie ship at full mast? Why won’t this show let Abbie be great?

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow – Maagnum Opus & The Akeda

Sit yourself for a twofer as Fat Pink Cast’s crew breaks down the Sleepy Hollow mid-season finale.

What’s up next:

Sing me a song of a series on Starz

Say did that lass fall through time

Merry of soul, she did get much banged

But the book series it’s based on is….oi.

We’ll also be recapping Sleepy Hollow, episode 2.13.

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