Sit yourself for a twofer as Fat Pink Cast’s crew breaks down the Sleepy Hollow mid-season finale.   We discuss both episodes, Magnum Opus, and the Akeda….

(So, how exactly are Moloch and Henry and Katrina related?   Henry and Moloch share the same mother, but Moloch is Henry’s surrogate dad and Henry impregnated Katrina.   Very confusing.)

We debate why Hawley is still here, why they did the thing with Orlando Jones, and why trees and villains on Sleepy Hollow turn blacker when they get eviler.

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow – Mama

This show is strongest when it doesn’t sideline it’s key (woc) protagonist!  Join us as we fangirl hard about the episode Mama…

Fat Pink Cast interviews John Noble and Tom Mison

One of them calls us “Fat Pink Cats.”  We…don’t mind.

What’s up next:

Sing me a song of a series on Starz

Say did that lass fall through time

Merry of soul, she did get much banged

But the book series it’s based on is….oi.

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