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Look like someone’s got a case of the Wendigo!

On this episode of the Fat Pink Cast, we list all the reasons why Nick Hawley needs to go (so he can stop stealing all of Jenny Mills’ screentime) and the many ways in which the show can accomplish his exit. We also chat about the shining light in the darkness that is Abbie Mills and Joe Corbin’s complicated, but loving relationship.

Trust me, you’ll love our recap of better days before “Deliverance.”

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady

We start this episode with “The Boy is Mine.” If that doesn’t convince you to listen, we don’t know what will.

What’s up next:

Next week, come join us as we rage and possibly cry whilst reviewing “Deliverance” (will someone deliver us from these weak plot lines). We’ll be tracking the entire season of Sleepy Hollow and ringing in the midseason break with a very special Outlander episode!

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