Sexposition, sex work, gay sex (or lack thereof), and our favorite manic pixie dream whore, Ros; this week we take a critical look at Game of Thrones’ depiction of sex on the show thus far.

This episode is especially NSFW (not safe for work), so you might want to listen with headphones (or at home). For those weary of spoilers, episode 3 is show-heavy as opposed to book-heavy; there are some light spoilers toward the end for scenes shown in the trailers for season 3.

Special thanks to our guest this week, N’jaila Rhee aka BlasianBytch, sexpert and fellow Game of Thrones geek. You can find her on twitter, (for toy reviews, thoughts on the adult industry, sexuality, and sex), the WeNerdHard podcast, and the Alter Negro Show. She’ll also be speaking at Catalyst Con East 2013 on two panels, Sex and the Media, and a body positive and sex positive panel called, Does this Panel Make Me Look Fat.

Enjoy! Join us next week for our “Houses of Westeros” episode where we take a look at relationships within the major houses in Westeros! Drop us a line if you want us to cover something in particular.

Sex work/sex workers – Terminology for a person who works in any area of the sex industry.

Male gaze – The general gaze is a concept for analysing visual culture that deals with how an audience views the people presented. The “gaze” is dependent on who is looking. When we talk about the “male gaze,” in regards to the sex scenes, we’re talking about how these scenes are being portrayed to appeal to straight cis men.