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In this episode, we discuss the relationships between Sansa, Arya, and Catelyn, and various female characters in the series (Cersei Lannister, Asha Greyjoy, Brienne of Tarth and Daenerys Targaryen). We also talk about femininity and masculinity, the division between the attributes associated with these concepts, their limitations, and how they’re viewed within the books, the show, and the fandom.

Littlefinger, Varys, Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, and Jorah Mormont also find their way into the mix at some point. We hope you enjoy this one; let us know.

Thanks to special guest, the amazing onionjulius for “taking us to college” on this episode! And big shout out to house_ontd as well.

Agency: When we talk about a character’s agency, we mean the potential for a particular character to act in their world. It’s basically a human being’s ability to make certain choices, so taking their choices away from them kind of renders  character helpless. Instead of actively making certain decisions, these characters are being acted on by forces around them–so they’re passive instead of active. In addition, removing a character’s agency damages the essence/purpose of the character.